Knowledge when I sell a used truck

The person who thinks of a junk car of the Mitsubishi Canter truck & Canter gut (the following, Canter)!
This is because it may be possible for business in the unexpected "value" that I cannot judge from an appearance and a state even if an age type and the mileage, trouble or the accident car receive purchase assessment (& junk car, taking care of estimates) such as the purchase specialty stores of ... junk car regardless of all, and the demand for truck whole in the market is very high not only Mitsubishi Canter, and the mileage exceeds 300,000 kilos even if a type is considerably old in a year ...!
It is a fact that there is "the demand" that is high if the truck is unexpected in the overseas market for product made in Japan where is very superior in performance & durability.
Led by (developing countries, a type, the mileage are around 80,000 kilos in a T90 type (1968-1973) year for) Canter gut second generation when the demand for truck made in Japan is considerably high.
Father used the small craft by a hobby on a carrier, but I drag it well on this occasion and am outstanding for a big wound.
After all should this cure it before the assessment?
You seemed to keep it intact when you talked with a friend.
It is judged, "there is it in a repair career" when I repair the big wound in the case of my Canter gut forcibly and seems to have possibilities to be connected for a negative evaluation.
You seem to wash a car instead.