I look for a Japanese used car cheaply

Light cars are usually treated well at points more various than a car. For example, the light car has better mileage than a light car, too, and the motor vehicle tonnage tax is treated well cheaply at various points, too.
Therefore the used car of the light car is popular everywhere in the all over Japan. Because the light car is nerdy, the person not to want to get on will come, but naturally, as for a person drifting to the light car, it may be said among them because most Japanese see a car only with a mere foot.
A popular light car is Daihatsu Tanto particularly now. A car and the light cars which do not change that much usually increase for both the mileage and size, but Tant is kind pricewise recently, too. In addition to the high mileage of 28km/l, an eco-car reduction of taxes is the secret that is popular among the size of the economy in tax merit of up to 100%.
By the way, it is matters that require attention, but have me do the existing car preliminary inspection by all means when you purchase a light car at used Japanese car auction. I see the light car considerably compactly if I see it in the distance, but there is size unexpectedly when I approach it. I will have you make a preliminary inspection of the existing car in the one which then is not talked about which did not enter the parking lot after having bought it by all means.