About the popular car model, Dyna of the truck

Load capacity that Toyota Motor Corporation produces it and sells becomes the small common truck of the 1.5t class from 1t.
I am considered to be Toyo ace and an automobile model variant.
It was released as "a Toyopet route truck RK52 type" in those days in 1956, and the truck of the cicada under-seat engine type was changed the name from to "Dyna (truck)" in 1959.
The origin of the name comes from "Dynamic" with a meaning such as being powerful.
A cargo type includes gasoline, diesel, a hybrid car, and there are 2WD, 4WD on the dump truck, and there is 2WD on a route van. The handling store becomes Toyota store.
The new diesel engine, clean that adopted cargo type, dump truck type each together clean diesel technology "DPR" are equipped with the LPG engine which adopted the gasoline engine which pursued becoming it, electronic control type LPG liquid jet method, and they clear low exhaust emission regulation for a new long term.
There is the engine which realized the low mileage than I achieved fuel economy standards in 2015.
In addition, in the diesel car, I acquire "2005 NOx, PM10 % reduction level".
Maximum load capacity does 2-4t and an abundant lineup with the establishment of the new driver's license system in a dump truck type.